Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Here is our next Challenge  "TIME"
As my contribution I would like to offer the theme title of 'Time'
It has a wide area of meaning as noun, verb and more! - look in thesaurus and there is a list as long as your arm!! 
Kathy & Jayne Hope you don't mind me posting this Just thought some wouldn't have seen the post
Thanks Ellen 

GEOLOGY by Gladys Love

This is actually cheating by posting this one because I've had it done before the challenge.  Members of my "Art/Play" group have seen it.  It was my inspiration for the challenge theme because I wanted to do another.  But life got in the way, as it most often does these days, so here's my inspiration and here's hoping I get another one done.  It is 12 x 12 and is simple curved piecing.  The quilting lines were inspired by the pocket of my jeans!  The slice of stone is "Ocean Picture Stone" I'm told and is very thin, but I could see beach, ocean and sky in it as soon as I saw it at the Rock & Gem show.  It is mounted in a hole that is faced with some waxed thread and a few beads.  Hope you forgive me this round.  Now on to the next theme of time....and I don't have one done for that so I have to work at the next one!  

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Hi All
Who is the next person to choose our challenge for April-June?

Sunday, April 3, 2016



 was lucky enough to go to Italy in January and fell in love with the cobbled roads. One in particular had a lovely moss growing around all the beautiful rounded stones.
I started with a double layer of batting and white cotton. I couched green wool roving and machine quilted my cobbles. I then coloured the cobbles with Shiva Oilsticks,  not completely happy I then added more using blue and pink. The piece still wasn't talking to me so I coloured again this time with Neocolour crayons. Hope you like and apologies for being late. Oops photos in order of creation but they decided to pop themselves in the middle.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Utah Travels

I love rocks, and have collected many pounds (possibly a ton or more?) of them over the years and hauled them home. The rocks of Utah were too big to haul home: they remain large in my memory and photo collection instead.
After playing with sewing strips to form strata, I switched to a one-colour fabric.  I used a dark fabric for the shadowed parts, and then satin-stitched numerous rows across the rock formation to form the strata lines of the rock.

The sky was mottled with Setacolour fabric paints.  This same fabric was used as the base for collaging all the other fabrics -- cotton prints, nets and sheers --to form the foreground.  They were layered and then covered with black net, and then I sewed curvy horizontal lines to hold everything down.

Finally for some close-up interest I embroidered some prickly desert flowers.
Final result : a version of a Utah landscape.