Thursday, June 30, 2016

All the Time in the World

After a number of false starts, this is what developed. I started with two blue fabrics, layered them, and then stitched along various design lines on the top piece.
 Then I cut out pieces between the lines of stitching, and secured those edges with satin stitch using shiny rayon thread.

Finally did some embellishing with crystals, glass "pebbles",  and beads.  I resurrected several almost-forgotten techniques for this, and had fun  playing with them again.

Rings of Time

Another interesting challenge. I have to admit to really procrastinating until I found just the right inspiration. I love trees and have done several projects based on trees, then it came to me that trees are like time capsules. When you count the rings you can tell how old a tree is and to the informed eye you can tell if a particular year had a drought or fire. 
Here is my Rings of Time. I made this using improvisational piecing technique ( I may have just taken a 5 day workshop with the wonderful Jean Wells). All the fabrics are commercial fabrics. I'm really pleased with this piece I hope you enjoy it too.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Image of Clock in Prague

Here is an image of the clock in Prage which was inspiration for my time piece

Time and Tide waits for no man

I'm a few days early posting my finished challenge It has been finished for a while and have been itching to post it hehe!!!
I was inspired by a friend's post on FB of the Clock in Prague installed in year 1410   Take a look its is very interesting and as I say inspiring.
I made a background by painting, then stenciling/stamping various clock images on background.        I then printed the title words on organza and then painted over as the printed image was very light.
I used organza as I wanted the stamping/stenciling to be seen under the words. It was with some trial and error that the paint eventually seemed to bond (after using some Modge Podge mixed with the paint and leaving it to dry over a few days. Every time before when I lifted it of the plastic work surface half the paint would stay behind on the work surface. I used an angled 12" x 12" canvas frame and covered this with the background fabric.
The floating outer blue circle was the inspiration from the above mentioned clock. This was made by using multiple pieces of organza and other synthetic fibers which I cut out with a soldering iron onto which I glues the numbers. I secured the ring using some thick double sided felt dots. This makes it look like its is floating representing the sea/tide.  I then put the clock mechanizem  in centre.
Viola!!! I now have a clock for my studio It was a challenge but well worth it.