Monday, October 12, 2015

Exuberant - Jack spam

Firstly apologies for being late with my Version of Exuberant. I have been traveling for 3 months around Victoria in a caravan and just couldn't get my head around this theme.  So it was a challenge both mentally and creatively. It was on the last 200 km of our trip that the answer came to me..... "Jack 
spam". While I was away my daughter would constantly update me with photos of my grandsons antics with photos on texts and face book. Jack is the newest little man to the group therefore constantly doing new things so she nick named the stream of photos "Jack spam". He's usually laughing which made me think of one of the meanings of Exuberant - extreme happiness! And his smile made me smile so he seemed an appropriate subject. 

I traced his facial features onto "Romeo wash away fabric" then went over these with free motion stitching on different fabrics. The centre face is hand stitching. The faces were then applied to a background fabric and more stitching of details added. Once wash away fabric was removed I coloured in with water colour pencils. 
                      "Jack Spam"

    the four boys with "Jack" on the       middle

Saturday, October 10, 2015

New Topic

From Ellen:

The new challenge is “SPICE”.  Choose a spice from the many available,  Colours of spices to be used, drawings, some words, recipe or poem describing the spice to be included, Sew up a fusion of colour and a curry of words that is a feast for the eyes hehe!!!!!!      

Ready for end of Dec 2015.     
While in UK we visited Kew Gardens. They had a summer festival  “Full of Spice” which was very interesting and though it would be a great title for a challenge. 
Regards,  Ellen 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Merry go round

First let me apologize for late posting but I have been so busy since I came home from our trip to the UK late Aug.
I managed to get the piece completed today.  We had a wonderful time overseas and did much touring around Britain. I also caught up with many friends,
I think a ride on the Merry go round and Ferris wheel are a thrill. my idea of exuberance
I managed to go on the "London Eye" and found it thrilling. Something I don't usually attempt
I found this picture a close replica of the London Eye. I printed the picture on fabric and covered it in white organza then printed the Merry go round and castle below and backed them with black felt and did some embellishing with beads and stitching on them I found some circular designed fabric in my stash which I used for binding. The ribbons have EXUBERANCE glued on in gold letters which I thought matched the yellow in the binding. I also stitched rose rosettes in black and white and painted the tips of the petals in gold. I enjoyed making this but was really stumped at first as to what to make,
I kept with black and white with a touch of yellow/gold just because I don't usually like to use yellow but seemed appropriate  Sorry the beading cannot be seen in the photo.
 Cannot wait to see all the others challenges.
Those already posted your works are stunning.