Saturday, June 29, 2013

Not A Poppy

Well had everything gone according to plan you would now be looking at a lovely three dimensional poppy, but after several failed prototypes it was time to change gears. So after a nice walk thru Avatar Grove near Port Renfrew BC I thought I should return to a favorite subject matter - trees.
 But the topic of this challenge is "Magnification" so I decided to try an artist impression of bark. Armed with lots of bark pictures - yes I have lots of bark pictures - and my recently acquired copy of "Trees as a Theme By Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn I got to work.

First I picked a background fabric and painted/melted a recycled Tyvek envelope then
I added painted cheesecloth, netting, tulle, couched and in some cases shredded yarns and more paint. The finished piece was mounted onto canvas and then I touched it up with a bit more paint.

I hope this makes you feel like going for a walk in the woods and look at some bark and create your own piece.