Sunday, September 30, 2012

Incandescence by Kathy K.

It is during our darkest moments 
that we must focus on the light.....

It is the end of the second quarter for our Up for a Challenge 12 x 12 Art Quilt creations. The challenge topic is Incandescence.  This topic, at first, stumped me; after some thought, I turned to quotes which turned things around for me.  My final piece is below:

I started with white fabric and dyed it in stages from yellow to orange to red to violet.  I then used Fabric Etch to create long rays emitting from the center.  I placed black felted wool behind the fabric and begin hand-embroidering and continued hand-embroidering.  I have been to the doctor's office and hand-embroidered, then to the dentist's office and hand-embroidered, onto Panera's and hand-embroidered.  Literally, for the past few weeks, this project has gone everywhere with me and, you guessed it, I hand-embroidered it.  I hand-painted the quote and ended the top by placing a beveled piece of glass at the center of the yellow section (and, yes, it is securely attached). Finally, it is edged with a velvet border.

I enjoyed creating this piece and am looking forward to the next topic being announced tomorrow! Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wedding Day by Karrie P.

So you might be thinking "Wedding Day?" the theme is incandescence. In the definition of incandescence I read about the emission of light from within or a strong emotion. To me there is no stronger emotion than love, nothing can make you happier or make you incredibly angry or sad. Love has inspired endless forms of art, painting, sculpture, poetry and song to name a few. 
This month my husband and I celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary so this piece is dedicated to my husband and a love that still burns bright. These are our hands from our wedding day, I added french knots for the baby's breath in my bouquet, beads for the beads on my dress and I added a button to hubbys tux. 
Thanks Barb for the theme, it was a tough one to start but I really enjoyed the process.

Sunday, September 16, 2012


From 69 to 12
(From the Moon to Mars)

I can't remember when/how I decided that it was time for something completely different - but out came my  Embellisher for this challenge. I machine-felted chopped up bits of sheer polyester fabric, metallic ribbon and fabric, and silk fabric to strips of black Kunin felt. When I was pleased with the overall strip, I attached the next strip. If I didn't like a section of the strip, I removed it. The first section is in the centre right of the following photo.

As I continued to build on the strips, I got more and more excited with the possibilities. I over-layed and under-layed the metallic ribbon before needle-felting it - which left a trail of little sparkly bits throughout the house.  

Of course, I did an oops, and trimmed about 1/4 inch too much off one side.

After I did that, I added some hand- and free-motion stitching and then some semi-precious chips, glass and metallic beads. The edges are just a few rows of black satin stitch. Bamboo batting and Kunin felt backing (which you are NOT allowed to see!)

And here it is ... Curiosity.

Thanks for the great theme, Barbara!